Monday, October 19, 2009


hello there world. who reads this anymore? probably no one. if there is someone, my greetings to you, human.

been obsessed with Percy Jackson and the Olympians since, well, probably September? Something like that. Still a Trekkie, somewhat, I mean, I can still speak some Klingon, and still a Heroes girl (still tune in every Tuesday) but right now, focused on PJO and my story. For those of you who don't know that I write (are there still people?) I have a blog strictly for my story, go ahead to my profile to check it out. Yes, darlings, shamelessly pimping.

Music wise, I am loving Eisley, and downloading fanmixes like mad lately but, yeah, basically listening to Eisley most of the time coz it's upbeat and fun. Like me. *wink wink*

Studying a little, I have a slight prediction that I'll fail KH and Geo, probably Maths, too. I hate myself.

so, hi world, whaddup?
-Aly/Shah/Julian/Mystery Meat

Saturday, August 1, 2009

oh thank GOD

I had a scare yesterday, when i was sent home from school by puan noraini. i didn't want to die and i really didn't want to have H1n1.

So I emailed ira and jim, saying that i was fucking scared as hell. but we went to the doctor and they said....It's NOT H1N1...

that's a second time i was worried someone had the flu. the first time being with Laura. she usually doesn't take her time replying me, she just gets on that chair and says 'hi, aly!!' but i didn't hear from her for days. finally she replied and she wasn't dead so yea...

full of crap and relief nonetheless

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

good morning, vietnam

see, this is what happens when you suck. you forget to study and you post meaningless blog posts instead.

i have a new Top 3 song list.
1. I'll be OK by McFly (damn Captain Fine for being in Just My Luck) I'm learning it on guitar. sucks right now.

2. Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top (the ORIGINAL badass song) I told Ira that when I got marrried, my husband would appear looking hot as hell, to this song (maybe with shades?)

3) Time after Time by Quietdrive (because sometimes Cyndi Lauper can be annoying) It's nicer than the original, fo shizzle.

I have three videos I love right now, but is too lazy to put on the link (later)

1. Anton Yelchin playing hot-ass guitar
This boy can not only be adorable as Pavel Andreviech Chekov (did I spell that right?), he rules.

2. Anton Yelchin flopping on the bed shirtless
I'm in love.

3. Best Wedding Entrance Dance
Ira gave me the link to this. I love the beginning where they throw books around. With this video, we proceeded to talk about our future weddings.

Three things I want to do (and probably will).

1) write A Worthy Adversary (or Conquest, either way)
I don't even care if Skandar doesn't fit as Jim. I myself have fallen in love with my own character.

2) read Dream Life of Sukhanov
i need much inspiration. i want to re-read shadow of the wind but jim hasn't read it yet. pineapple.

3) squee over Star Trek Reboot's GQMFs
Who in that cast isn't one?

Chris Pine: Captain Fine = check.
Zachary Quinto: hottest man alive: check
Karl Urban: OMG, that accent = check
John Cho: He's so handsome, despite the fact he was Harold = check
Anton Yelchin: so damn awesome = check.
Zoe Saldana: Yeah, she's one, too. = check.

Even JJ Abrams is one.

night then

Monday, July 27, 2009

my diary is almost finished.

Hello, there. I haven't been to school for three days, and I have a counting prediction that it's going to be four in a row. I have been sick. Yes, thanks, for asking, it is deathly and it is mucho fatal. Run now. I am the Killer Tomato and the victim is, once again, George Clooney.

the title explains that my diary is almost finished and I do want to savor what I have left with the poor thing, the cover designed like Phoenix's new album cover, I can't even spell the album's name. Nonetheless. I wanted to email Jim about my insomnia, he usually beefs up my ongoing rants. poor guy. i am studying geo and hope to pull my first frickin all-nighter. I'll be ready for college in no time.

So I've been googling my 'acquaintances' as we say. The girls at the back of the class, ignoring the teacher and talking about boyfriends, i call them acquaintances, at best. It seeps through me of how much I have been missing.

Yet another reason to be depressed. Yes, I have been sinking lately. I am writing this because no one reads this anyway. And the people who do already know. Hopefully my mom doesn't read this. We might be the Gilmore Girls at times, but I do not need a counselor (on contrary to Jim's thoughts). Reasons to be depresssed.

1) My writing
How's that going for you? In everything you do, you'll receive critique. All you can do is eat it up and bite it back up. Some bitch might say one day she thinks my stories are pure bull, all I can say to her is that maybe I like it that way. I love bull, and I love its shit more, just because what comes out is mine. I shrug people off. I grow a tough skin. I listen to F**K You a lot because it matches what i'd like to say to the people who I'm bull.

2) My 'acquaintances'
How's that going for you? In the wild, numerous species are left to co-exist with each other. It might end in slaughter for the weaker party and the smug dancing of the stronger. But it's important to remember we held on for this long, that we co-existed happily.

3) The acquaintances I wish were friends.
How's that going for you? There's still time. Contrary to my midnight rambling, I am still young, and I can still be loved.

4) What people think of me
How's that going for you? Probably the biggest set back and the one that cause all three above. I cannot pretend to not care because, really, I do. I do care and midnight only solves so many problems.

Reasons to be Happy

1) The friends I DO have.
I am still young and I AM loved.

2) What I do when I presevere
I can be great someday. And the friends I do have can help me along the way. Who knews, maybe life does care about plans and years from now, I'll be a writer with a side long job as a geneticist with a son named Adam and a daughter named Julian and my next door neighbor will be my best friend with her son James and her French-born husband.

3) I am my own person.
I cannot be stereotyped, and I do not want to be. If I have two faces, that'll only mean I have more to look at. There's a new way to be human, you know.

Midnight talks

Monday, July 20, 2009

i like fruit

shahirah say: 'i like the move it,move i like the...move it!!!!!! song from madagascar hehehe..
i like that song
suraya: Hello Shah..!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!! hehehehehehehe
Shahirah:i want to type...i like to type..hehehe... nak type.. never mind after this i padam semua...u, type sloww...
mai: my turn now.
shah: ok say something. say something!!
mai: shut up you bitch. i mean, bitch as in pantain (for those of you who are not Malay, pantai is beach. bitch same je lah)
suraya is back...from the dead.
suraya: tepi jap. ok. yea right...
syaheerah is here and she says hi and huh? ape lagi. i will always be there for all you bitches.
mai: ambik kau.
roha menyibuk and says 'tu tu tu tu tu tu!'
Suraya: Hahahahahaha....
michelle is here and she says what the hell.... and laughs. Fire Up you!!
i love u!!
mai: whatever major loser!!!!!
shahirah: intan,intan!!!!!
now intan is here and she says say what?
mai: stupid
shahirah:x tahu apa dia ckp tadi hehe.. what i want to talk to kaiyisah
marina is here and she says'hello? with a big voice
ok, now time is up. game over..
from all of us here in the computer lab, we say WE'RE BITCHES AND EFF OFF!!!

i like foodd

Hi, i'm at school in the computer lab. next to me is Mai. say hi, Mai...

Mai says hi and she says she's bored...kesian.

30 more minutes until school finishes and I really wanna sleep right now because I'm so tired. So, anyways, tadi at school we had some visitors from TV9, talking about orang utans. I thought they were going to bring out a real orang utan. And then Mai says I gila. The presenter was really weird and the cameraman was always chewing gum and had a towel on his jeans. He looked like a janitor. The presenter talked too much. Oh! and we masuk TV.. hehe

And then at BI, me and Michelle had fun. we have a new curse word now, thanks to Izaz, who thought FU stood for Fire Up instead of F**K You...hehe... So we use fire up as a curse word now. And then Puan Noraini scolded us for not being nice to the new teacher, Cik Zatil. She said she would fail if we weren't behaved during class. Teacher blamed Izaz, Roha and Amiza, padahal me and Michelle lagi bising. muahahahahahaha

Ok, tu je kut. uhhh....bye
Mai is laughing.
Farah: what is this??
Farah high-fived me. Go google her. Yes, she's on Google.
I think the end of this post. Ok I need to go toilet now.

-Shah & MAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! muahahahhahaha

Saturday, July 18, 2009

BRB - Being Awesome

Hello world, so we meet again.

So it's 4.48 am where I am, and I can't seem to sleep, well, I slept for four hours then woke up and have been awake since two because, well, I'm me.

So I've been bored, so I've decided to compile a list of things that I like right now. So yeah...prepare for the awesomeness.

Things You Hear

Candy by Paolo Nutini
- This is so damn awesome. It's got that summer feel but it's also daunting and cheerful at the same time because Paolo rules that much.

Love it When You Call by The Feeling

- I made this me and my friend's song (yes, Jim, I'm talkin about you). It's about this guy's friend that never speaks his mind, and how they used to be friends and how the guy is just wishing his friend good luck on life.

F**K You by Lily Allen

- Fueling hatred with hatred because that's what Lily Allen does best.

Things you Read

My Livejournal.

City Of Bones

- Let's just get this straight. I outgrew the Teen Novel section years ago, okay? and plus, i didn't buy this, I DOWNLOADED this so that makes me cooler. At least to me. Why do I read it? Because the author's story is so dang awesome that I want to be her. Envy seeps through me, my friend.

1000 Awesome Things

- I got this link from a friend, who got it from another friend who thought it was cool coz it came from Brea Grant's website. The title does not kid, my friend, it IS a 1000 awesome things.

Things You See


- My dad got me the entire series up till it's latest season. And, let me tell you, this show is super cool. So cool, in fact, it has its own fruit.

Star Trek Reboot

- If you don't know Star Trek, or haven't seen the movie, I should give you a bitch slap. Unless you're one of those guys from Fanboys, in which, you're probably gonna give ME a bitch slap. You don't need a link because ST is already everywhere.


- My friends forced me to watch this, they're Star Warsians (Warriors? whatever). It's not bad, though they call Trekkies Spock-suckers (so what??) and KBell is in it, and everything she does is pretty cool.

People You Love

Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto

- They are one entity because they're THE bromance. They topped some magazine's list of Bromances. Dammit, they inspired the list. Damn, how do I insert pic? Nvm, will probably do a whole post dedicated to them anyway.

Chris's fansite:

Zach's fansite: The man uses twitter but it's all bull.

Chris/ZQ shipping comm on livejournal:

My BFF Ira

- No one is quite like her. And everybody loves her, just like Everybody Loves Raymond. I'm in her wallet. No, literally, I am.

Okays, bye now...